Wood Carvings

All carvings are roughed out by hand, then detailed with a power carver. After the bird and been detailed, then a wood burner is used to detail feathers. After all detailing, the bird is airbrushed and then hand painted.

All available carvings can be purchased on my ETSY site @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/JHHWoodCraft or email me directly at jhhwoodcraft.com and we can take your order there.

If you are interested in a custom carving please let contact me on my contact page.

Here is my latest piece that placed 3rd in the youth division of the Ward World Carving Competition of gunning decoys. I carved a fully functioning black duck.

Custom Carvings Available Upon Request

Custom carvings can be made available upon request.

If there is a bird or duck that you would like to have hand carved, please contact me either at my contact page or email me at: JHHWoodCraft@gmail.com.

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